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Generator Rex S01E01 The Day That Everything Changed

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Text Comments (11)
Lawrence Pratt (10 days ago)
Make screen bigger it sucks
adam warren (25 days ago)
White: you’re failing to control our greatest weapon Me: He’s not a weapon a kid
kris hart (1 month ago)
So much background static
Sabrina Laís (1 month ago)
Shadow Kistune of hell (1 month ago)
For the love of, there forcing a teenager to be a soldier, that is illegal, how was this allowed, there using child soldiers for Christ's sake! Am I the only one who think providence should be burned to the ground for FORCEING A CHILD TO BE A SOLDIER!! IT PISSES ME OF!
Max Lean (28 days ago)
And trust me, that was one of the kinder choices Rex had
Andrew Ramlall (1 month ago)
He was literally this epidemic's only solid cure. Not to mention he enjoyed his line of work and knew curing them was morally good
Jaylin Broan (1 month ago)
lol i didn't realize it was slowed down until the intro played :'D
Seth Bleh (2 months ago)
*Where's episode two?!*
ITz Grimz (2 months ago)
2nd comment
Kaizo Bro (2 months ago)

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