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How to completely remove graphics card drivers with Driver Sweeper

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This is a quick tutorial from RWLabs.com to show how to properly uninstall graphics card drivers using Driver Sweeper. We have included links to download Driver Sweeper and also links to both AMD and Nvidia's drivers download page. Step # 1 Install Driver Sweeper Step # 2 Unistall your graphics driver Step # 3 Restart your PC in Safe Mode Step # 4 Run Driver Sweeper in Safe Mode Step # 5 Select your drivers in Driver Sweeper and hit analyze and then clean Step # 6 Restart PC and install newest drivers Driver Sweeper: http://www.guru3d.com/files_details/d... AMD Drivers: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload... Nvidia Drivers: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index....

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Text Comments (33)
Zachary Kemp (9 months ago)
thanks so much I had problems with my drivers for the last 5 years
Gabriel (2 years ago)
thanks very much i'm Brazilian but your tutorial is the bests
KOOL G (3 years ago)
AMD doesnt provide updates or installs for my drivers ={
Lewis D (3 years ago)
Hey man, awesome video. I've got a question, when I do the first stage and uninstall amd cat it changes the resolution half way through and the desktop becomes really small and all the windows are massive. Why is this? When I attempt to change my resolution it will not let me. Just remains at the lowest until I have installed a new driver
Phantom Penis (3 years ago)
so wait you can just delete your graphics card and then just go to amd or nivida website and just install it?
Emmers666 (3 years ago)
driver sweeper has been replaced by a program called display driver uninstaller
Andhika Farhan (3 years ago)
what driver sweeper version that you use in this video?
BlueBallz (3 years ago)
So using driver sweeper can u completely fuck ur graphics card up doing this.  Like sweep the bios of it or something like that.  Ive heard this can happen.
Sam Moss (3 years ago)
You should point out that to run the driver sweeper it should be run in Safe Mode, your video doesn't mention that fact, though your text tutorial does, and the text steps are a tad different like not mentioning CCleaner (uninstall & registry clean) in the steps. Listening a few more times to your tutorial I picked up on running the registry clean in CCleaner (or even Auslogic Registry clean) seems that together they both clean fairly well. Don't get me wrong the tutorial (video&text) together are really on the money, never have understood why AMD gfx drivers are such a PITA in these days and times.  I 'spose AMD doesn't want to go to the trouble of completely cleaning older drivers in their new driver updates which seem to come out every few months, you would think they'd incorporate a better way. 
24321619 (4 years ago)
It sometimes fails to remove some files, and needs a restart in safe mode to complete the removal.
MrPwnasaur (4 years ago)
I uninstalled my old graphics driver and now I have really stretched. And blurry screen resolution
haloharry97 (4 years ago)
thx man for the 4 years of having build my pc all ways installing and removing GPU i never got this intell getting all new HDD and SSD 
Koa Williams (4 years ago)
thankyou for helping me in my first attempt at my custom built rig!! :D
Tom Esendam (4 years ago)
when i unintall my nvidia drivers and then switch to a amd gpu and install amd drivers my pc simply doesn't boot and i have to re install windows.... some one help?
MrWubly (4 years ago)
+Tom Esendam  yeah im having very bad fps drops and i think i have tried everything, its time for a windows reinstall if that doesnt work time to clean the rig!
MrWubly (4 years ago)
+Tom Esendam what is the program? i would like to know.
Tom Esendam (4 years ago)
+MrWubly i found a program that deletes anything in comment with nvidia I don't have the problem anymore but ty for reacting
MrWubly (4 years ago)
make sure to uninstall anything related to Nvidia, ANYTHING!!! even the smallest things can conflict with eachother
Muhannad Alalak (4 years ago)
thank you very much +Like +subscribe
Giacomo Guerrini (4 years ago)
since i have also amd processor will the express unistallation uninstall only the video driver or i have to uninstall them in the custom way and leave the other ones?
Paolo Sy-Quia (4 years ago)
I can't log in to safe mode, when i hold f8 it just goes black for a second then goes straight to the startup screen.
24321619 (4 years ago)
Use ''msconfig'' Type in the run box msconfig and select the safe mode in the boot tab section and restart.
DarkArterialGore (4 years ago)
At the 1st part where you use catalyst uninstaller I get a black screen which doesn't go away(I waited 20min) I can here sounds so the computer is still running normally in the background. I'd imagine a finish button has popped up but I can't see it because of the black screen so I had to do a hard shutdown. This is my 1st AMD GPU in years(7990) and compared to Nvidia's drivers AMD's are a mess(even vsync is broken, do they even test them before releasing them).
Tony Vu (4 years ago)
shut up vince vaughn  just kidding, thanks for the tutorial!
NebulaEquations (4 years ago)
I have the same issue, and yes I can log into safe mode.
Real World Labs (5 years ago)
Yes, you should follow the same process. If the issues is caused by the drivers this will take care of it
Real World Labs (5 years ago)
Can you log into safe mode ?
For everyone it doesnt work, when you've uninstalled the driver in Windows usin amd uninstallation thingy, RESTART YOUR PC IN SAFE-MODE and in safemode run driver sweeper, this way will probably work.
l i f e (5 years ago)
I downloaded Driver Sweeper and it said it had an update. The Update is to install a new program called Driver Fusion (which I did) and it seems to be pretty good. Just wanted to pass this along. **Peace
wozY e (5 years ago)
thank you dude
JustGamingTime (5 years ago)
Thanks, you have earned a sub :D
David Pearce (5 years ago)
Just used this tutorial while doing some benchmarks of various card. Seems to have done the job perfectly, will definitely source you guys in a second!
Sam Nicko (5 years ago)
Subscribed :) very COOl tutorial :) Thank you.

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