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Realtek Audio HD Manager - Not showing up [FIX]
cmd: wmic baseboard get product Written instructions in the description. Retrieving the correct drivers and download links is your responsability. Follow the instructions of the video, or follow my written instruction here. 1) Get your motherboard model A. Open windows startmenu and write "cmd", press enter. Then type in "wmic baseboard get product", and a name should appear. B. Press 'Windowskey + R', type "msinfo32", and press OK. B2a. Near the top should be "Systemmodel", which MAY contain the motherboard model. B2b. In the middle there is BaseBoard Model, which also MAY contain the motherboard model. C. Donwload Speccy software from https://www.ccleaner.com/speccy and look for the motherboard name in the software. I will refer to the motherboards name that you just gotten with [MB name]. 2) Retrieve correct drivers. A. Go to Google or your preffered search engine and look up "[MB name] driver download". Find the audio driver section, and download the driver shown. B. Go to Google or your preffered search engine and look up "[MB name] specifications". Here you can locate the motherboard audio driver interface.It should say something like "Realtek Audio Driver", if it doesn't this tutorial won't help you. B2. Copy the line you just located including Realtek and search "[Copied line] download". From here you should be provided with links to the correct driver, which you can download and install. 3) Restart your computer.
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CS:GO - #Acid | When PhantoM AnGeL gets his hands on an AWP
Cake is like cake, it tastes good... I don't know what to write.. Song: Nightcore - I Can Walk On Water I Can Fly
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[FIX] How to fix 'Joomla' Creating Database instance
If you're stuck at the "Creating Database" this solved the problem for me :)
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CS:GO - #Acid | PhantoM AnGeL - DD2 Gameplay
What should I put in the description...
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#getnakedanddance (yes i made this XD) someone please save me from myself XD
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Nexus Mod Manager — Not Installing Correctly [FIX]
Solution: Open Nexus Mod Manager as Administrator. Symptoms: Missing content. Invisble/non-existent objects and/or items. Glitched (purple) textures. Reason: Nexus Mod Manager creates a shortcut into the downloaded mod, but needs administrative permissions to do so. Problem may occur in all of the modded games from Nexus Mod Manager, although only known games to provide solution for is Fallout 4. Royalty free music provided by https://www.bensound.com/ in their Accoustic / Folk section.
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CS:GO - #Acid | PhantoM AnGeL - Cache Gameplay
Hope you enjoyed the video! Leave a like, comment and maybe subscribe? All clips played by PhantoM AnGeL / Malte A. Refslund
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Cake is good :D Song: Electro Light feat Sidekicks - Hold On To Me NCS Release
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CS:GO They hate me
Seriously they do...
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My best achieved play in Osu ;D
Red Like Roses
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CS:GO Skillz
Sometimes you are just hackilish good
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Der var engang en abe - Cover af Lind
Fra skaberne af My Little Pony intro covered. Her kommer Der var engang en abe.
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